SMMO 2014

Philipps-University Marburg, Department of Physics, Experimental Semiconductor Physics, Renthof 5, 35037 Marburg, Germany
26 February to 1 March 2014

2nd Annual Conference of COST Action MP1204 held jointly with the International Conference on Semiconductor Mid-IR Materials and Optics SMMO2014 26 February to 1 March 2014.


COST MP1204 Action "Tera-MIR Radiation: Materials, Generation, Detection and Applications" aims to stimulate substantial advances in MIR and THz radiation. It is intended to focus on the development and applications of MIR/THz materials, emitters and detectors and to beneficially exploit their common aspects within a synergetic approach.

The SMMO Conference is a regular event, which started in 2007 and is devoted to issues important for realization of semiconductor MIR emitters and detectors as well as their application for environmental control, medical diagnostics and security. This year it will take place in Marburg, Germany
The general areas covered by the Working Groups 1-4 are:
WG1: Intersubband materials and devices with applications to fingerprint spectroscopy
WG2: Metamaterials, photonic crystals and new functionalities
WG3: Nonlinearities and interaction of radiation with matter including biomaterials -
WG4: Generation and Detection based on Nitrides and Bismides

The programme of both even is separated, but SMMO Conference is open to COST audience and vice versa. We hope this conjunction will give participants a unique opportunity to share their experience and discuss wide range of subjects related to both MIR and THz optoelectronic devices, repeating the success of our first joint meeting. SMMO is open for all topics in semiconductor materials and optics from basic physics to technological applications.
Teams who have been awarded Short Term Scientific Missions are expected to submit a paper to this event.

Proceedings will be published as a special edition of Optical and Quantum Electronics

The Workshop schedule is shown above and the MC meeting March 1st is only for Management Committee Members.

More details and a list of Invited Speakers will be delivered soon, keep an eye on our Webiste and See you in Marburg

Please send your ONE PAGE abstracts to

Mauro Pereira
Martin Koch
Maciej Bugajski
Marian Marciniak

Conference Co-chairs