The International Workshop "THz Radiation: Basic Research and Applications TERA*2011

Kharkov, Ukraine
September 4, 2011

TERA*2011 provides a forum for researchers in a wide area of THz range laser physics and optoelectronics subject to fundamental and applied research.

Terahertz is unique in its ability to transmit through nearly any material without causing biological harm. This will allow scanning for weapons, detecting hidden explosives, pinpointing the location of skin cancer during surgery, and a host of other exciting applications. The workshop will cover frontiers in terahertz physics and applications. Its characteristic feature is a stronger emphasis on the mathematical and physical aspects of the researches, together with a detail analysis of the application problems. The technical program consists of invited lectures and regular contributed papers.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

THz sources and detectors
Intersubband lasers and detectors
THz waveguiding and localization
Novel devices for THz applications
MIcrowaves for THz
THz photonics
Remote THz sensing
Material properties at THz frequencies
Novel materials for THz applications
Applications in biology and medical diagnosis