COST Action MP1204


The main objective of this action is to advance novel materials, concepts and device designs for generating and detecting THz (0.3 THz to 10 THz) and Mid Infrared (10 THz to 100 THz) radiation using semiconductor, superconductor, metamaterials and lasers and to beneficially exploit their common aspects within a synergetic approach. We shall use the unique networking and capacity-building capabilities provided by the COST framework to unify these two spectral domains from their common aspects of sources, detectors, materials and applications. The key instruments of the action will be meetings of the working groups, Round Robin actions, Short Term Scientific missions (STSMs) and annual Workshops. We will create a platform to investigate interdisciplinary topics in Physics, Electrical Engineering and Technology, Applied Chemistry, Materials Sciences and Biology and Radio Astronomy. In this common sense THz and MIR are considered jointly, the driving force for both regimes being applications. The main emphasis will be on new fundamental material properties, concepts and device designs that are likely to open the way to new products or to the exploitation of new technologies in the fields of sensing, healthcare, biology, and industrial applications. End users are: research centres, academic, well-established and start-up Companies and hospitals.

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