Working groups

Intersubband materials and devices with applications to fingerprint spectroscopy
Leaders: Antoine MULLER (CH), Andreas WACKER (SE)
Scope: Simulation,growth and characterization of intersubband materials and devices such as Quantum Cascade Lasers for Mid-Infrared and THz applications , notably for sensitive detection of gases

Metamaterials, photonic crystals and new functionalities
Leader: Ivan BUCHVAROV (BG)
Scope: Simulation, growth and developments of antennas, photonic crystals, matematerials and new functionalities for generation and detection of MIR and THz as well as their applications and integration in complex devices

Nonlinearities and interaction of radiation with matter including biomaterials
Leaders: Johan STIENS (BE), Florin MIHAILESCU (RO)
Scope: Modelling and experimental studies of the interaction of MIR & THz radiation and matter, including biomaterials and for the generation and nonlinear propagation of radiation in both domains

Generation and Detection based on Nitrides and Bismides
Leaders: Czeslaw SKIERBISZEWSKI (PL), Shumin WANG (SE)
Scope: Simulation, growth and characterization of nitride- and bismide-based new materials and devices and their applications to detection and imaging